Artist Statement

Thank you,

It’s a pleasure to present my work to you. I see my art as structure that holds vast beauty. I find beauty in everything through the quality of light that I can create. All things have their own texture and I capture the form of the texture to show the most powerful parts of life. When I paint with light, my focus is to highlight the most important aspect of the subject and that is identity. A subject’s identity is found within its form and that’s where my concentration lies.

My inspiration comes when I see things in a new way. The way things are shaped inspires me to create a new moment where I capture that shape the way I see it. My work evolves over time, specifically with my subject matter but it all focuses on how it can be seen. My art is my duty, I must create so I can help people see the same way that I see.

My current work is meant to be a portrayal of how beauty is presented in strength. My life has been focused on how to be strong and not let others see weakness and that’s where I am seen in my art. Joy isn’t found from the extremities but from what we see within ourselves. Find love not by what you receive but by what you give.

– Spencer


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